Most of us are aware of how expensive electric bikes can be - but we offer a much more valuable alternative: we can easily convert YOUR bike to an electric bicycle.

  • Complete e-bikes that use the same lithium ion battery and brushless motor technology as ours cost 2-3 times as much.  Why?  Because they’re often over-built or prohibitively over-priced.  Some have batteries built into the frame, nearly all have components that can never be reused.  Features that most would find to be a disadvantage end up costing more – and at the end of the battery’s life cycle, many wonder if it’s even worth replacing.
  • We use low-profile, highly efficient electric conversion kits that not only have the capability of being transferred to other bikes, but are affordable.
  • We convert bikes that we carry into e-bikes or we’ll convert yours with FREE installation.
  • We carry products from the highly-acclaimed e-bike company Clean Republic.  They not only include a 2 year warranty on their motors, but also a 1 year warranty on batteries.
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Sealed Brushless Motors

Efficient Li-Ion Battery

Low-Profile Design

Clean Republic

We offer both complete electric bicycles, using some of our favorite rides that start around $800 (complete), as well as conversions on a bicycle that you own for no more than the cost of the kit of your choice.

We recommend using a bike with gears to maximize performance, but almost any bike will work!  Please see our FAQ section for more information.

Order any Clean Republic electric kit through us and we’ll include the shipping and installation for FREE.


Clean Republic Price Table